We’re in countdown mode

Just under 20 days left of The Rise & Fall of the Georgian Heel. Don’t miss your chance to see this unabashed homage to the shoe – and choose which pair you couldn’t live without…

Romantic, rebellious or downright ruthless?

The highwayman is a familiar figure to most. Join us on Wednesday 27 April at 7.00pm for a guest lecture by Professor James Sharpe who uncovers the The Georgian Highwayman and the realities of life on the eighteenth-century highway.

The last suspect … now you decide

Thomas Kip, Linkboy, is the last suspect to come under the magnifying glass. Poor and living with his family in the slums of Water Lanes, Thomas earns a crust by guiding sedan chairs by the light of his torch. He came to Fairfax House at 7 o’clock of the night in question so had ample opportunity. His father is in prison for stealing – has Thomas inherited his weakness for theft?

Two more suspects

In this Agatha Christie-like mystery, two more suspects have appeared. Molly Pickering, Housemaid, was bidden to put the jewels away but forgot to lock the drawer! A tall tale? Or what about Tobias Labadee, a sailormouse from the Caribbean who was witnessed skulking outside of Fairfax House on the day of the robbery? Keep sniffing sleuths. Read more…

The plot thickens…

Adding to the line-up of suspects are Hannah Garthwaite, a poor dressmaker who is out of pocket after making a mistake on Anne’s new gown. And James O’ Connall, Gentlemouse, who called at the House on the day of the crime to meet Gregory and Anne and have a tour of their magnificent townhouse.

Fairfax Diamonds Stolen – Who dunnit?

Anne Mouse’s precious diamond jewels have been stolen. Gregory, The Townhouse Mouse challenges you to investigate the clues and sniff out the criminal and who committed this foul deed. Over the next 5 days, we will be announcing the names of the six suspects. Can you solve Who dunnit?

New Sight Given to Fairfax House…

Thanks to funding from an AIM Preventative Conservation Grant, Fairfax House has just installed special new solar blinds that prevent light from damaging the collection whilst affording views of the outside world and giving a greater sense of place of the townhouse’s urban city-centre setting. Read more…

Exhibition Now Open

Enjoy the glory of shoes from the long 18th century – A Century of Shoes: The Rise & Fall of the Georgian Heel is now open.

High Heels, High Fashion

Fairfax House opens its fourth exhibition of historic fashion, spotlighting arguably the most adored and coveted accessories of all… shoes – in just one week.

Half-term Family Fun

Come one and all this half-term for some family fun and find Gregory our resident Townhouse Mouse, as he invites young mouselings to follow his trail throughout this historic Georgian Townhouse.