A Taste of Christmas

Join us for Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and Brandy Butter served daily in the Georgian Kitchen from 1.30-3.30pm – delicious!

Did you know that mulling (heating) Wine and Ale is a tradition going back far into history? These drinks were popular across all classes providing, then as today, a warming drink against the cold, and also a useful way of using up left-over wine.

One of the greatest and most popular of Christmas traditions was in fact the Wassail (meaning Good Health) bowl, essentially mulled ale or wine served in a great communal cup that was passed around the table. This traditional and legendary concoction – also known as Lamb’s Wool – was a focus for Christmas joviality. The passing around of the wassail bowl was certainly a great tradition on estates where servants, estate workers and family came together under one roof to enjoy this drink. Indeed Christmas was a time when wealthy land owners gentry would (and would be expected to) show hospitality, goodwill and charity to the less fortunate.

We hope you enjoy your own taste of Christmas at Fairfax House – so let us wish you … Wassail!