Talks for Groups

Fairfax House has a team of highly knowledgeable and engaging speakers available to come and give a special talk for your group.

Our illustrated talks cover a wide variety of themes and topics, and will help introduce your group to the rich decorative arts and furniture collections of Fairfax House, Georgian York, and eighteenth-century society, culture and dining. Talks can also be tailored to the group’s particular interests and can be arranged during the day or in the evening, for groups of any size.


The Georgian Townhouse Revealed
Uncovering what went on behind the closed doors of Fairfax House, this talk reveals the story of the eighteenth-century townhouse, how such houses functioned, the thriving winter season for which they were used, and the rich social and urban life of the Georgian Age that surrounded them.

Georgian York: The Rise & Fall
By the early 18th century, York was shedding its medieval appearance to become a modern centre for the North’s polite society. This talk gives an insight into York’s burgeoning cultural life during the Georgian Age, why the city flourished and what led to its decline.

Secrets of the Stucco: The hidden stories of Fairfax House plasterwork
The exquisite plasterwork at Fairfax House is hard to rival. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Discover the secret messages in the beautiful stucco plasterwork of Fairfax House and how they were created.

Christmas Comes But Once A Year
Exploring the Keeping of Christmas, we look at how the Georgians celebrated this important time of the year. Learn how they loved to entertain in grand style, what they ate and drank, and the special festive traditions and customs of the 18th century.


Talks start at £40 (and are based on the size of the group audience) plus basic travel expenses for the speaker.


To book a talk or to find out more about what is on offer from the External Talks Programme please either contact us or download our Talks For Groups brochure and booking form.