Coping with the Winter Chill in the Georgian Era

Following on from July’s Top Five Tips for Keeping Cool 18th Century Style, here’s our helpful winter guide Layers layers and more layers: to avoid the “muslin disease” (deadly cold or pneumonia), bundle up in layers of wool, fur, cotton, flannel or linen. Gentleman, adorn your great coat, leather gloves and boots, and ladies, invest […]

Coping with the Summer Sun in the Georgian Era

Follow our Top 5 tips to keep cool in this warm weather – 18th century style! Stay hydrated: Make sure to avoid the unsanitary water and instead treat yourself to a refreshing cup of small beer – highly nutritious. Or perhaps, if you are expecting company, break out the tea chest and brew those newly imported leaves […]

Finding your Valentine in the eighteenth century

With February 14th fast approaching, we thought we’d give you some tips on how to secure your Valentine – Georgian style! Below you’ll find a letter from Arabella Whimsey dated 17 February 1755 to the editor of The Connoisseur, Mr. Town. Dear Sir! You must know I am in love with a very clever man, […]

Small Pox, Snails and Ails… Really?!

Being a Volunteer means that you are likely to have a somewhat unsavoury interest in the darker, distasteful and downright disguising aspects of eighteenth century life. It’s all grist for the mill if you are a Room Host at Fairfax House … Find out more about their special forthcoming talk.