Small Pox, Snails and Ails… Really?!

Being a Volunteer means that you are likely to have a somewhat unsavoury interest in the darker, distasteful and downright disguising aspects of eighteenth century life. It’s all grist for the mill if you are a Room Host at Fairfax House … Find out more about their special forthcoming talk.

Roger Ward wins Inspirational Teacher of the Year

Roger Ward, senior guide at Fairfax House, is announced as the winner of the 2018 Culture Awards ‘Inspirational Teacher of the Year’ for his inspirational approach to developing creative talent in the world of cultural heritage.

Roger Ward: Inspirational Teacher in the 2018 York Culture Awards

Teaching ‘beyond the classroom’ has been a thread running throughout Roger Ward’s career. His passion to share knowledge, ability to communicate across all ages and backgrounds, and gift for sparking an interest in people, combine to make him an inspirational teacher in the world of cultural heritage.

Mulled Wine and Mince Pies are here!

Fancy something warm and spicy to keep the winter chill out? Every day from now until Christmas (1-3pm) you can enjoy a glass of mulled wine and an all-butter Mince Pie in the Georgian Kitchen.