Science and Technology

The eighteenth century was a time of expansion in Britain, and the realm of science and technology was no different. Scientific discovery led to technological innovation: from time keeping to medicine; astronomy to communications, Georgian Britain was one of the most exciting periods in our history. Read more about these fascinating scientific and technological advances right here.



Solar time meets clock time

The sundial is perhaps the most ancient form of artificial timepiece. It uses the position of the sun to indicate the time by casting a shadow on a graduated plate.

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Harrison’s precision longcase clocks

During the 1720s John Harrison built a number of longcase clocks incorporating numerous improvements which gave them such a high level of accuracy that they have become known as his ‘precision’ clocks.

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Hindley: The Pursuit of Precision

Henry Hindley, clockmaker, pioneer and craftsman, possessed an enquiring mind and inventive prowess that led him to break the bounds of conventional clockmaking and enter the arena of scientific and mechanical instrument making.

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