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Conserving the Magdalene

The Fairfax House curatorial team are currently raising £380.00 to restore a significant painting from the collection, titled The Magdalene. The Magdalene features a finely painted portrait of Mary Magdalene seated at a table, writing, with an inkwell and a jar of ointment to one side. She wears distinctive costume and headgear, while the background landscape […]

Friends of Fairfax House Fund Frame Restoration Project

You may have seen our most recent digital ‘Curator Talk’ about ‘Emblems of Love’, which for the last 80 years has been ascribed to William Etty R.A., but was recently discovered to be by the later Victorian artists James Sant R.A. If you missed this you can view it here. The painting is in really good condition, […]

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England’s Finest Georgian Townhouse

Come and unlock the splendour within the finest Georgian town house in England. A classical architectural masterpiece of its age, Fairfax House was originally the winter home of Viscount Fairfax. Its richly decorated interior was designed by York’s most distinguished eighteenth-century architect, John Carr.

Extensively adapted in the twentieth century as a cinema and dance hall, Fairfax House was saved from decay and returned to its former glory by York Civic Trust in 1982-84.

Today, Fairfax House once more transports you to the splendour of city-living in Georgian York, the centre of polite society. The superb Noel Terry collection of furniture, clocks, paintings and decorative arts, described by Christie’s as one of the finest private collections of the twentieth century, perfectly complements the house, bringing it to life and creating a special lived-in feeling.

With an exciting programme of special events and changing exhibitions, there is always a reason to visit Fairfax House.

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