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With its nationally significant collection of furniture, clocks, silver and paintings, Fairfax House offers a fascinating window into the exclusive tastes of Britain’s wealthy Georgian elite.

The Noel Terry bequest of eighteenth century furniture and clocks is at the heart of Fairfax House’s magnificent collection. A number of other important additions having been made over the years so that today the collection mirrors the tastes of the house’s original inhabitants, the Fairfaxes. Whilst the collection is not connected through ownership to the Fairfax family the pieces are nevertheless largely contemporaneous with the period of the house, reflecting the status of its aristocratic occupants and illustrating the objects that would have furnished a wealthy gentleman’s townhouse.

Displayed throughout the house the collection eloquently complements John Carr’s magnificent interiors, helping to reimagine its spaces and recreate the opulence, grandeur and comfort which once existed.