From Exotica to Erotica

The Georgians had a love of the weird and wonderful. Some entertainments, such as menageries and novelties, were perfectly respectable ways to enjoy oneself and broaden the mind and cultural horizons. Others catered to the darker side of Georgian society, while some entertainments were strictly adults-only! Take a peek at these articles and discover some of the more unique entertainments of Georgian Britain…




Imperial expansion and global exploration brought exotic creatures from around the world to the towns of Britain. In travelling menageries the curious Georgian could pay to see anything from a Monkey to a Kangaroo.

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The Beggar’s Benison Club

The hedonistic club of ‘The Most Ancient and Most Puissant order of the Beggar’s Benison’ reinforced the bonds of homo-sociability through a celebration of male sexuality and a series of surprising initiation ceremonies.

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