Places of Pleasure

Where and what are the leisure spaces in our towns today? Do you visit a leisure park complete with cinema, bowling alley and restaurants? Maybe you prefer the theatre district or an art gallery? Or perhaps you love a physical challenge? The Georgian town and city devoted spaces to the pursuit of pleasure – opera houses, theatres, fairs, assembly rooms, coffee houses and pleasure gardens were just some of the places dedicated to leisure and fun. Discover these places of pleasure right here…

Opera and Music

Music was a pleasurable leisure and communal activity in the Georgian era, enjoyed across the social spectrum. One of the principal ways in which people experienced music was through domestic music-making.

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The excitement of the fairground, with its diverse attractions and spectacles, refreshment stands and hundreds of stalls, saw a cross section of society join together in the pursuit of pleasure.

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From the minuet to waltz

Dancing was an opportunity to display one’s graceful manners, deportment and refined taste. In a society where the inability to dance was associated with vulgarity, rusticity and bad manners, the scrutiny of the crowd could be intense.

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Coffee Houses

The Coffee House: a colourful mix of conversation and debate, food and drink, transactions and deals, with a dash of the extraordinary – the perfect recipe for Georgian sociability.

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