62 Secrets

Sydney, Year 5

I am an ordinary chest of drawers. I always have been. I live in a beautifully furnished room and I’ve seen many weird situations. Many families have looked after me and I seem to be trusted by every one of them. You see, I have 62 secret drawers and those 62 secret drawers have 62 secrets inside. Diamond jewellery, treasured love letters, even a ten pound note! All of these things have been stored in my drawers over the years. For example, Lady Anne told me of her secret love for Isaac Newton and another time Lord Fairfax explained that he was sneaking out to claim some jewellery. I have never told a soul about these secrets, or rather I can’t. Being a chest of drawers I could never talk, but sometimes I wish I could. A voice seems very comforting in the dark, which is where I am now.




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