A Story of a Feather Quill

Abigail, Year 5

I started off as just a simple swan’s feather until one very exciting day. As the swan I was stuck in was falling asleep a strange man with a tall black hat and a long shining black waistcoat and snuck up behind the swan and plucked me out. But what I didn’t know was what I was about to become…

The strange man carefully carried me to a tall, grand house that belonged to the Fairfax family. With his spare hand he opened the front door with a shining, gold key with a white rose at the end of it. 

Once we were in he called for Lady Anne. Lady Anne was a very graceful, elegant and beautiful woman.

“have you brought my father?” Questioned Anne. 

“Of course, Lady Anne, I got the finest one there was” replied the man.

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