The Mystery of the Missing Painting

Catriona, Year 5

In the middle of the eighteenth century, there was a fine Georgian house in the centre of York. There lived a family called the Fairfaxes. Above the fireplace the lady of the house’s bedroom there was a big painting of her: that is me. I am lucky I have a lovely life I am well looked after. But, five weeks ago something happened. That something would change my life forever. I learnt about the outside world.

One day, when no one was looking the cook took me; I was excited but scared at the same time. I think he took me because of course I am very valuable. He took me his house and every night I tried to escape but if course I find it very hard to escape of course because I’m quite big. It took me three months to finally manage to get to the front of the steps of Fairfax House. In the morning when the butler opened the door he gave a shout of surprise and everyone rushed to the main door and everyone was overjoyed to see me.

I really enjoyed the adventure overall but I wouldn’t have one again if I can help it.


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