The Story of Two Shoes

Lucy, Year 5

My story starts last year, in 1787. I started off in a posh shoe shop. I was in the spotlight of the window display – two gorgeous heels, a wonderful pearl pink. I was bought by a wealthy family and given to a spoilt girl. She was named Anastasia.

She had so many tantrums and fits, stamping her huge feet, wearing down my heels. I envied a beautiful pair of shoes who looked how I used to be. They had hardly been damaged.

“It’s unfair!” I moaned miserably. “That horrible Anastasia takes absolutely NO care of me.”
The beautiful shoes sighed sympathetically, “I feel bad for you. You never know, someday you might get your happy ending.” “I doubt it,” I replied sadly.

Anastasia got bored of me and threw me in the rubbish bin in the middle of the street. She happened to leave the lid open! So I waited… and waited… until a happy family came strolling down the street. I spotted a pretty, young girl with a face dappled with freckles and a waterfall of golden locks flowing down her back. As I was sticking out of the bin, she saw me and rushed over to me. “Mummy! Daddy!” she squealed, excitedly. “Look at these shoes! Can I take them home?” “You might as well, sweetheart. I mean, whoever foolishly threw them away obviously didn’t like them!” the girl’s mum stated.

So this lovely family took me back to Fairfax House, where they lived. That was my story. My happy ending. Who knows what the future will hold?

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