The Adventure of a Doll

Ursula, Year 4

I was thrown to the floor by the stuck-up girl who owned me (Amanda!). I lay on the floor, deserted. The clock ticking solemnly sending a creepy noise into the air.

Suddenly, I heard the door handle turn, moving slowly to the right! It was the butler! Master wouldn’t want him in the drawing room! He had a black mask on and a deadly black eye! He took a long box out of his pocket; written on it was the word ‘matches’. I wondered what they were then suddenly he took a fluorescent stick from it! He struck it on the side of the box, dropped it on a newspaper and the newspaper suddenly lit up in a bright magma colour!

Then out of nowhere a tiny spark jumped onto the book Amanda had been reading. Five minutes later, there was a circle of FIRE around me pressing in closer and closer! Suddenly, the wall behind me flew open! I rushed inside and pushed the door closed. I ran over to the stairs, the fire was already creeping up them! I grabbed an umbrella and put an arm round the bannister and jumped down! I fell down the stairs and felt a hand grab me! Then everything went black!!


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