The Blue Sedan Chair

Lauren, Year 5

I am a chair. Not just any chair, a sedan chair. A blue sedan chair. I have been to many places, and seen many things, but this one was the best, but maybe the worst. Now, my story starts on any normal day (well, it was the evening). I was taking Madame Fairfax to the weekly ball. We set off and the footmen (Mr Somer, Mr Ardand, Mr Ranley, and Mr Som) were merrily chatting to each other, and almost struggling under my hefty weight. Madame was looking out to see the slums and quickly drew the curtains on the widows. Ragged children were playing on the piles of rubbish, and street sellers were offering tobacco and glass. Mud and dare I say, poo (oooh, and how I hate that word), lined the streets and the poor people were running and walking in it, like nobody’s business! (ha ha!). But the trouble really started when we got to the ball. I was stripped! Stripped I say!! My beautiful velveteen was ripped from my precious oak. I was helpless against my thief (as I later found out) Robert Smythe. I then later saw him selling it as a carpet. A carpet! Well, luckily, after that, I had a new covering. It was a blue velvet covered with birds and animals and flowers and vines! I felt amazing in my new dress! The following years brought me a very happy life indeed. I coursed through the years and Madame’s child was born! She was called Susan and she had blonde curls. I travelled to many more balls and dances and never again did I see Robert Smythe, and never again did he strike. However, I did see my old dress (the carpet) in the house of my owner’s best friend!

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