The Lost Chair

Lily, Year 5

This is a story about a chair but not just any chair, you will see why later.

“I am a chair from Fairfax House, the best chair you have ever seen! My owners are the owners from Fairfax House they are very posh just like me. Yesterday, I heard my owners say I am getting sold, I am so scared I love my home now so I don’t want to go but I guess I have to.” 

Today is the day the chair is getting sold. It is time BEEP BEEP. “Oh no I’m going bye my home.” It took about an hour to get to the new place the chair was going to. “Finally, I am here I am so scared.” KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. No answer he tried the door as well. DING DONG DDDIIIIIINNNNGGGG. Still no answer so he put the chair down and left him. The chair felt lonely. Suddenly the chair came alive. “It feels so good to be in the air and to walk round I am going to go on an adventure.” So he walked on and on and on and on again until he came across lots of tress. “Ooh it’s a wood!” Now it was getting dark. He felt lost and scared now. “How will I get home?” For a few days he slept in the tree with an unusual sloth name Steat. After a night he woke up and carried on walking but when he was walking he noticed a trail the trail was made by lots and lots of leaves so he followed it. Then suddenly he heard a voice two voices so he walked on until the voices were louder then he listened to what they were saying and they were saying they wanted a chair. “Do they want me? A tree house ooh!” he whispered. He finally found a place like home. So this is the end of the story and the chair had the best time of his life.

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