The Secret Door!

Isla, Year 4

Once there was a secret door in Fairfax House owned by a kind rich family. But one day there was a dreadful fire! The secret door thought it was over but luckily it was saved but not by the rich family but by a thief!

The thief took the door and other objects he had stolen to London. But the door fell out of the carriage onto the pavement. One hour later the door was found by two girls and a mother and father. The girls were very spoiled – they both had three personal servants each!

The door was taken to their mansion and fitted into the wall, the family got the secret door redecorated! No one would now recognise it!

After a week the secret door had a tea stain on the bottom and after a month the secret door had dents from the girls fighting and half of the wallpaper had been torn off by the cat!

The door was thrown away because it was so tattered!

When the servant had gone the door looked around itself and started to cry. He said “Look what has happened to me!” The door’s tears ran down him and peeled off the wall paper and he became an ordinary brown door. The next day he woke up and was back on a wall in a new house. He saw a boy and a girl playing together and a mother and father having tea! So the door was happy forever!

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