The Secret of the Water Heater

Ty, Year 5

I am a water heater. The type used to make tea. Three years ago, I was bought by Sir Conway and I was used over a thousand times. I loved my life until this moment. Sir Conway was throwing away all of his old stuff. I sat on the table, concerned that he might throw me away. He had two boxes. The keepers and the rubbish. If I hadn’t already said this, Sir Conway had terrible eyesight. As quick as a flash, he harshly threw me into the rubbish box. I can’t remember what happened next, but as I woke, I was thrown into my worst nightmare. Chains clanging, razors spinning, spikes turning. I tried to hang onto a ledge with my handle. Covered in scratches, I helplessly pushed myself up to the recycle shoot. A razor came loose and started spinning towards me. Soon enough, I was falling handle-first down the shoot. I landed on a pile of pieces of wood and broken glass. Two seconds later, I was thrown into an even bigger pile of all sorts of stuff. I knew that I had to do something. I could feel something deep inside my soul, it was DETERMINATION! I knew that the journey was going to be tough without legs so… I was just going to roll it. I started my journey which was one hour twenty seven minutes long, or so I thought. Halfway through my small adventure, I noticed a familiar face. It was Sir Conway! Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed me on the ground. “There you are!” he shouted in relief. He picked me up by my handle and carried me all the way back to his mansion.




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