The Tea Box’s Life

Edward, Year 5

Once upon a time, there was a lovely tea box that lived in the luxurious Fairfax House, and its owner was Anne Fairfax. Anne cared for it as much as she would if it was her child, you see when she sips her tea next to the box because Anne would never part with it, is because when her father gave her the house (Fairfax House), he gave her this with it, and that’s why Anne won’t part with it. But… That night, something terrible happened! Anne didn’t know that she had left all the candles lit except for the ones in her room, so her house caught fire! The smoke rode the air and everything except for the tea bag box, there was a loud scream, that sounded like Anne’s scream. But suddenly, there were footsteps coming up the stairs, when the man came to the last step, but it wasn’t the fireman, it was a thief! The thief grabbed the tea box and jumped out the window! They landed on their feet, still holding the tea box. The thief ran for miles and miles until they got to an old warehouse, the man placed the tea box down on a table, so the tea box had a new life with the thief.

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