The Unfortunate Adventure of a Chandelier

Scarlett, Year 5

Hello. I am a chandelier. A very splendid chandelier, if I must say so myself. I am here to tell you about the most unfortunate adventure that I have experienced. It all started in a stunning place in France. If you are wondering, yes…. I lived with the King of France! It was a gorgeous life.

Proudly hanging, I flooded the majestic hallways with blinding light. Each day I would be intensely cleaned and polished until I glistened and sparkled. Visitors gazed at my beautiful golden structure and at me as I dripped in diamonds and jewels.

One day, very suddenly, I was sold… In no time, I was travelling to England. Fairfax House was my new home. Nice enough, although not royal. No one there gasped at my beauty. No one cleaned me each day. But they did love me and my light!

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