Dr David Allen, who gave us a fascinating talk in February 2017 about silver hallmarking, will speak on “London, its Livery and its Freemen”. The talk looks at the way the City of London was run from early medieval times, when its livery companies were all-powerful in every aspect of City life, through to the 21st century when these companies perform a very different function in supporting a diverse range of activities and charities in the City.

Each of us will take on the role of the “master” of one of these livery companies for the hour or so of the talk. Together, we will explore the 110 livery companies in the City and explore their origins and functions. We will also look at what it is to be a freeman of the City of London, a title which was very important in medieval and indeed later times in London but which today is purely ceremonial. Dr Allen’s talk will be illustrated with various artefacts relating to City life.

The venue is the St Michael le Belfrey Hall at 52A Stonegate in the centre of York. The talk will be followed by a delicious afternoon tea.

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Tuesday 20 Feb 2018

2.30 pm

St Michael le Belfrey Hall, 52A Stonegate York

£12 including afternoon tea

Friends of Fairfax House