Follow our Top 5 tips to keep cool in this warm weather – 18th century style!

Stay hydrated: Make sure to avoid the unsanitary water and instead treat yourself to a refreshing cup of small beer – highly nutritious. Or perhaps, if you are expecting company, break out the tea chest and brew those newly imported leaves from China.

Invest in an ice house: Begin your preparations in the winter months and have an ice house built on the grounds of your property. Ice blocks can then be harvested and stored accordingly, ready for the summer.

Stay away from silks: Favour clothing constructed from cottons, linens or woolen materials if one is venturing out into the heat. Alternatively stay inside and feel free to lie around in nothing but your shift all day!

Consume Ice Cream: Take a trip to the confectioners, Monsieur Seguine if you’re in York, and indulge in this luxurious treat that will surely soothe the palette on a hot day – we recommend the pistachio or elderflower flavours.

Purchase a folding fan: A practical accessory to survive the summer, aid your desire to keep cool by gently wafting oneself with a hand-held fan, constructed in ivory, pearl or tortoiseshell. If, of course, you are feeling rather faint from the heat, instruct a member of the household staff to take on the task.

However if all our tips fail we suggest one escapes the stifling city heat and head to your country estate for some fresh air. Seek the cool serentiy of one of your many follly garden temples – ideal for lounging the day away.