4th April 2016

Fairfax Diamonds Stolen – Who dunnit?

The Mystery of the Missing Jewels

Anne Mouse’s precious diamond jewels have been stolen between 6 in the evening and midnight, on Wednesday last. They were a beloved birthday gift from her father… Gregory, The Townhouse Mouse challenges you to investigate the clues and sniff out the criminal and who committed this foul deed.


There are six suspects in the case. Over the next 5 days, we will be announcing their names. Can you solve Who dunnit?


Day 1: Mousier Seguin, Confectioner of Stonegate

Called at Fairfax House at 6 o’ the clock to deliver a magnificent sugar work creation for Anne’s birthday. Nicholas Seguin has been losing money, gambling and betting on horses at the races. He is clearly in need of money. Could he have committed the crime?