Out of Office but Still in Action: Fairfax House Goes Digital

During this uncertain and testing time, it is vitally important for us to stay connected and maintain good spirits. That’s why the staff at Fairfax House and York Civic Trust have teamed up to bring you a dash of heritage, a pinch of history and a sprinkling of hilarity through the medium of video (sadly song and dance was already taken).

We’ve personally taken on the challenge of engaging – and hopefully entertaining – Volunteers, Members, Friends, citizens of York and the wider community during the UK Lockdown. To do that we’ve created three new exciting video series to bring you a light-hearted and irreverent look at our day to day work: A Gillray a Day, Fairfax Live and Fun With Plaques.

A Gillray a Day… Laugh away the tedium of isolation as the (self-professed) James Gillray experts at Fairfax House endeavour to entertain and enlighten you through an ‘interesting’ look at some of his most scandalous, scathing and scintillating satires exploring eighteenth-century celebrities.

Fairfax LiveYour one-stop shop for all things Fairfax House. Tune in as we delve into the fascinating history of the house from its bustling eighteenth century origins, to its life as a thriving Cinema and Dancehall, to the present day.

Fun With Plaques York Civic Trust takes you on a voyage of intellectual discovery, delving into the history of some of York’s famous commemorative blue plaques. You’ll learn, and maybe laugh, but one thing’s for sure: you’ll never see a blue plaque in the same way again!

Tune in as we bring you new episodes. To whet your appetite, take a look at our high production, Hollywood-style trailers brought to you by York Civic Trust TV…

Introducing…A Gillray a Day
Introducing…Fairfax Live
Introducing…Fun with Plaques