2018 Festival of Flowers

A week of beautiful blooms as this biennial festival of flowers sees the magnificent interiors of Fairfax House perfumed with luscious and extravagant floral installations.

For 2018, Fairfax House in Bloom will be inspired by the extraordinary genius of Grinling Gibbons. Taking inspiration from the ‘Michelangelo of Wood’s carvings and sculptures, floral designers from Acomb Flower Guild will be creating displays that pay homage to the hallmarks, motifs and designs of Gibbons’ artworks. Our guest designers will also capture the essence of the Georgians’ love of horticulture and fascination with the natural world, translating it through flowers, fruit and foliage to create floral artworks that mantle the period interiors of Fairfax House with a riot of colour.

The biennial Fairfax House in Bloom – Festival of Flowers is being staged as part of Bloom!, York’s new four-day festival taking place from July 5th-8th, with events planned across the city. Bloom! celebrates the 250th anniversary of the Ancient Society of York Florists, founded in 1768, and thought to be the oldest society of its kind in the world.

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Tuesday 3 Jul 2018
until Sunday 8 Jul 2018

Daily 10am-5pm

Fairfax House

As part of House entry

Friends of Fairfax House