Listen to members of York's Ugandan Asian Community, and view their moving exhibition about their experiences.

In 1972, more than 60,000 Ugandan Asians were expelled from Uganda by the country’s dictator, President Idi Amin.

The families were descended from Indian families who had moved to Uganda under British rule to help build the country’s infrastructure. Many still held British passports – though some had given these up to become Ugandan citizens.

They left their homes with little more than the clothe they stood up in. Thousands of families were resettled in the UK – and some came to York. Many went on to make very successful lives for themselves here.

Now Ugandan Asians living in the city have put together an exhibition documenting their stories – detailing the terrifying persecution they faced in Uganda, the trauma of being driven from their homes – and their experiences on arriving in the UK and in York.

In this event, Trustee Stephen Lewis, who is a journalist, will interview members of York’s Ugandan Asian community – and we will also get a chance to meet, chat and ask about the experiences of our fellow citizens and their lives both before and after coming to York. We will also be able to see the exhibition they have put together.

Join us at Fairfax House on 22nd March at 18:30.

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Non-members of York Civic Trust are welcome to attend this event. Tickets for non-members are available to purchase 3 weeks before.

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Wednesday 22 Mar 2023


Fairfax House

£10 for York Civic Trust Members, £15 for non-members

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