• Georgian Ice Cream Making
    Georgian Ice Cream Making

    Fairfax House welcomes visits from schools . Education visits will transport you back in time to the eighteenth century and reveal how Georgian families lived. We explore what it was like to live in a Georgian house without electricity and modern conveniences, the contrast between the world of comfort and privilege ‘above stairs’ and the hard-working lives of the servants ‘below stairs’, the types of food that people ate and the differences between the eighteenth century and today. We aim to promote understanding of the past and the enjoyment of Fairfax House as a place of historic interest.

    Trips must be booked in advance and we encourage you to contact us to discuss the particular requirements of your school or college. If you would like to make enquiries about visiting Fairfax House with a group, please contact us on 01904 655 543.

    We also offer a diverse range of opportunities for adult learning, from lectures and talks to special tours and workshops. Go to the events page to find out more.