Made in York: Inventing & Enlightening the Georgian City

Dr. Sarah Burnage

  • £5.00 (inclusive of UK postage and packaging)
  • Softback, 112 pages

York during the long eighteenth century (1670-1830) was an extraordinary centre for talent, providing a home for some of the country’s most exceptional craftsmen, artists and scientists. The city became a budding playground for the northern elite, producing a hub for creativity, intellectual discussion and scientific discovery.

Made in York: Inventing and Enlightening the Georgian City is the remarkable story of York’s significant contribution to the era of Enlightenment, rediscovering the legacies, rare objects and forgotten triumphs left behind for future generations.

Covering a period of 150 years this captivating publication gives readers an insight into York on the brink of modernity and the people who helped to get it there. From art to architecture, science and astronomy to medicine and carving to clock-making, this text really has something for everyone.

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